Let get away from yesterday topic about the gills thing and get infront doing the headlights.  My mind still a bit blur today as am i am clueless where to start meshing up some face/vertices.  At first i decided to create deep tunnel like headlight hulls with two telescopic HID lights poke out but it looks so uncommon.  Then i duplicate the base surface and raise it up above as an artificial "EYE LID" like BMW but it does look matching in my opinion.  After that i sat down on my chair and stare straight on my Notebook screen for almost two hour without moving my mouse just wondering what did went wrong with my headlights design because it looks so "Common".  I'd expect my brain to pull out something new for XYBORX, something out of the universe thing.  Too bad the my brain wasn't trigger out anything special today.  Telescopic headlights lens are soo yesterday! I should through my idea into the dustbin and do it all over again.