Unlike previous preview of XYBORX at the early stage the overall body shape of today progress have gone some huge improvement which truely define what front engine XYBORX really is. The most important in car design is always been the "BODY LANGUAGE". Morphing from CONXERTO to XYBORX in the name of evolution is quite challenging but today i'm really satisfied with my product. The rear body have been curved and sweep back back with smooth countour, windows length have increased for better view, roof width increased by 5%, front hood curve degree have been increase its nose height almost to horizontal level to accomodate more front air intake opening, straight parallel hatch back roof beam, increase mass to the lower body and body design going into mixture of modern and retro touch. As i look at it now XYBORX is a sight to be hold. Looks soo awseome bad ass car on the planet. Hmmm... the wheels need some works though.