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My name is David L. the owner and creator of "SupermotoXL Designs" and products. I enjoy designing virtual concept cars, building 3d models, aerial flight FPV/UAV systems, radio control models, graphics and game mods during my spare time. This website aims to provide creative and innovative ideas to the people and share common interest and resources under one roof. Its a non-profit website where people can download and use it for free in the name of freedom of information technology....and i love to ride my bicycle which explained much part of the website name.

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How my brain evolve.

I was born in a normal low income family. 1 cool cat, 2 dogs and bunch of kids that we used to run around all day playing with dirt and build tree house. Living in the 80's where GI Joe and Transformer cartoons are cool. Used to wreck cousins wooden burger stand and turn into human powered wooden go kart. me david l 1Swimming into muddy pond, boiling hot water contain baby powder hoping it will snow, setting up bigfoot trap, "Splinter Cell" into someone houses, curious around with liquid mercury, snail burger for dogs, kiddy paranormal investigator, few digs thinking we're reaching the center of the earth, try dismantel anything mechanical and electrical stuff i could find..including myn dad's car. My life as a kid are full of adventurous and imaginative stuff, all those gained experience are much better than drinking milk DHA supplement. Years later i'm still as curious as i was back in the olds days with improve version of burger kart.... so my creativity and ideas lives on, being inventive and imgainative.
I love inventing and creating stuff using any technology i can get my hands on. That is because i started when i was young at about 8 years old started with Legos in the early 80's, DIY electronics in the 90's and Computers/CAD designs in 2000. Building stuff out of my ideas and design are the only way i could express and define myself who i am and enjoy life to the fullest. My brain just keep flowing with ideas and imagination out of my minds each day at unlimited amount. This website i have here is like an exhibition booth that displays my work of minds.

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So what am i doing now?
My parents really pushing my education to top notch. I won this award that award,scholarship and etc but never satisfied anything about it. My other grandmother predict i'm going to be a succesfull hmmm...adults are very good with their words. Got the best results in school, i got offered to study medical in university but i turn it down and graduate University degree in Computer Science instead...with extra Engineering electronic stuff. Few years later i still drive a normal car, not the Architect that i used to say that i want to be. On the other hand my brother and sisters are nurses and doctor. If i knew earlier i should bail out and get my project started like Bill Gates. Anyway i still love my life they way i am... designing, building, travelling, flying and explore the world in high tech style....i got all the time i want.


Whats your last project on your final day?
I'm old now. Maybe one day i build my own space probe and catch up with Pioneer II. Never seen a galaxy before. Maybe a talking car will be awesome, talking by itself all day long at the carpark.  Anyways i let my creativity flows random and see which the best one for the pick.

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Qualification & experiences:
Bachelor Degree in Computer Science & Management | Electronic and Electrical Engineering | me about 1Engineering in Mechanical, CAD designs and Technical drawing.


Current job:
IT Programmer and also some part timer Teacher, Lecturer and Eco Tech advisor aka consultant.


Life summary.
I'm glad i was different. I'm not a rich guy, not even a celebrity or popular. I still ride bicycle like i was when i was a kid, energetic, creative and adventurous. Doesn't have a big house, luxury cars, high paid salary or something very important in society. I'm just a normal guys with normal life that design and create stuff...i still love who i am, being creative and sharing the passion with all the people around the world.



"Believe the impossible.  Talk less build more."


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