This website provide resources to all creative and positive minded people who likes to create and design object in both digital space and real life. People that build automobiles, aircraft, buildings, environment, arts or even some innovative products through common platform like in games, simulator and in real world application. The age of computerised technology allow individual to create virtual object alternative to real world. This website provide a community of such where people can get together under one roof to share common interest and work without any borders as long its all about creating things beyond imagination.

What is SupermotoXL?

SupermotoXL derived from 3 words:

  • Super
    • Exteme, Beyond, Ultimate, Unbound, Limitless
  • moto
    • Means 'Slogan' for words: eg - "What is your moto for life? = Enjoy life". Because of the attributes of design and 3d work in this site associated more to designing automobiles the word 'moto' also is a short form from the full word "motor".
  • XL
    • "XL" always known for its meaning 'Exteme Large", associated with something larger than life or "Xtreme Life" (XL).

    The word SupermotoXL is a way to describe something bigger, out of the box, extreme, larger than life creation or anything no other words can describe the feelings or something beyond human imagination. So, do you have "XL" in you? "Think big, Get big, Be big, Get an XL life"

The words SupermotoXL also have its root origin from the author/creater himself (me) because i have been doing into cross style (Supermoto) mountain biking activity for years already bringing my daily activity to the extreme (XL). Huge dirt tyres, heavy duty techno bike, long robust suspension system plus human powered pedal an eco friendly borderless transport gives inner life and inspiration within me to go beyond extreme...pure adrenaline. The speed, agility and freedom being on a mountain bike relates the same principal being freedom and passion in design and create ultimate speed machine which currently already presented some work in SupermotoXL Designs. Even though much of the creation presented in this website are virtual and prototype but the ideas and technical works are applicable to real life.



Started since 1998 till present day this website holds few of my imaginative ideas and design which is unique and genuine built from pure passion and down to earth ideas.

Brief History
SupermotoXL Design have been designing and creating 3d models since 1999 and successfully guided and support various intermediate and enthusiast gamer and independent home based modeler.

img_hts_2Started in 1997 as Anime and graphic design website it had produce numerous 3d models for 4x4 EVO 1 cramped with Anime and graphic works. By 1999 the response for 3d models such as car/trucks and parts have been very encouraging and very demanding. Since then SupermotoXL Design have been established as full fledge 3d modeling center and establish its own long running websites . In those years we have designed 3d models that is far beyond people's expectation, something that have different touch and taste. Our designs opened peoples eyes and changing the way how 3d reality should be. Thus we called our designs moto: SupermotoXL Designs- "Bring 3D designs closer to reality.." This slogan embeded a special dedication towards quality, unique and realism feature into our works. By then we have long term supportive people at KC's forum (4x4evo2, 4x4evo1, XR), Balth Team RCG (, UT: Unwheel,,, Hokusai D18, the GTA community and others supporter that become SupermotoXL's backbone.

Within those Golden years few successful game modders, one of them is UT2003:UNWHEEL headed by project team SHRIMP have benefited our design and manage to climb into the chart and made their names into NVIDIA MSUC contest last year 2004 and win various awards and prizes, we at SupermotoXL Designs would like congratulate UNWHEEL and glad to sponsor them till the end. After successful attempt to produce quality models we also going into research on how to develop quality 3d models and realistic texture rendering 'independent' of current graphic technology such as DX9 Texture & Lighting. Our creation - "Let the models itself breath and alive". In 2002 the first concept design vehicle models bearing the initial name 'CD': Concept Design ## was introduced starting with 'CD 2.0XL'. The introduction of CD: Concept Design models have changed the path where SupermotoXL should go next, to produce a very own

SupermotoXL brand and step into real life design that no modelers have ventured in. Until 2004 and onward SupermotoXL Designs have produces huge collection of designs ready for the fans, gamers, modelers and people on the internet to enjoy and create their own product. The traffic keep flowing into our websites daily and various fans and people all over the internet and globe gave their positive view and support.

Today we at SupermotoXL Designs we like to thanks those who are helped us, support us, loyal and have been with us throughout our memorable years. In return we are glad to support and sponsor any fans, gamers, modelers or game modders to start their dreams into designs and digital gaming. SupermotoXL Designs will be in the past, present and future to provide ultimate design for everyone to share.

In the mid 90's i started to collect scaled plastic model kits when i was in colleged to fullfill my creativity and enjoyment assembling kits. Expanding my img_hts_1materialistic collection seem to be costly at that time so i opt for another solution to full fill my desire into this hobby without pulling a cent from my pocket. In 1996, PC games in 3D started to bloom with introduction of polygonal 3d models and custom add-on into racing games and simulator. These virtual models are easily built using popular 3d tools made for gamers and designs are based on the creativity of the author itself. The complexity of 3d models and paints varies based on the skills of the creator, as year progress with more powerfull computer CPU to process complex 3d the models becomes more realistic each day with more complex polygon.

"Built and run it virtually" on computer seems to be my ticket toward more affordable hobby similarly to building scaled models collection without picking a cent from my pocket, plus i can design my custom automobile according to my taste. I got hooked into 4x4 EVOLUTION community and start building add-on models from trucks to cars. Slowly the designs become more personalized and unique. Hence i started to build my own brand of automobiles virtually and made it free for download. The road towards success in 3D modeling isn't easy, i started with noobies skill and the the level goes up as years move upwards. With support from trusty members from 4x4 Evolution community, Track Mania, GTA , external modelers, sponsors and support from gamers on the internet SUPERMOTOXL DESIGNS have evolve into matured state producing more than dozen of free uniquely designed models for public to enjoy.

By 2010 and onwards i'm also adding more into my hobby section which is about 3D printing, radio control models, FPV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and drone flight development which spark more interest into technological  and flying aerial robotic stuff since the market offer cheaper open sources for homebrew project.  This development results will be share for the community of interest.


Years have passed, my hobby seems to be more serious than just to fill in some boring time. With recognized names and distinct designs which embeded trademark of SUPERMOTOXL DESIGNS i have planned to achieve something which i long to have. An achievement to be proud of before i decided to retire old.

My years seem to pass infront of me very fast, i didn't realised time flew so quickly and there not much time for me to waste. Even though my present real world carreer doesn't reflect anything about passion for my hobby but i hope one day the world shed light on my designs and give better future for my hardwork.

For you fans out there, i hope you enjoy downloading and use my products/designs. I will keep building more and put a smile and happiness in your life.