Term of use

This website host my personal projects, works, designs, written articles, ideas, opinion and resources made by myself to be kept online on this website for historical archive as part of my personal hobby.   You as visitor/guess/user to this website can freely browse, read, downloads, copy, collects and re-distribute the my resources on this website freely for educational and non-commercial purposes.  If you do use my resources please it would be nice if you can put credits by adding my name and links to my website so the people/public knows where the resources came from.


Privacy policy

As required by law to clarify the content on this website and also your rights to know what this website do; this website does not collect or store your personal information, name, age, email, where you work, family details, your car, toys, doggo and kitteh or any sort because this website does not have any login where you can make your profiles, store your info and etc....because this website is for my personal hobby publishing. However like any normal website this website uses 'Cookie' for storing 'Cache' to keep counts of your page visit session until you exited from the website.  The only moment when you need to put your name and email is when you trying to contact us via 'Contact Us' page but the website would not store this information only use to direcly sent to my email for communication/replying to you.



This website (https://www.supermotoxl.com) do have 'advertisement banner' on its side bar ads to allow the website to survive by means of funding and maintaining the web hosting up keeping and hobby operation.  I also advertise name of my sponsor that sponsor me hobby products for Review Articles section only through small icons, thumbnail picture and text links.

However i don't put 'pop-up' or so called flash pop-up advertisement on my website which force user to click. If you do see pop-up ads that seems not related to this website, out of place, flashes of new windows of ads or just weird advertisement spamming around your screen then it could be malware or malware on your side. I always keep my site clean but if you suspected something please contact us via out 'Contact Us' page as soon as possible if you think my website have weird pop-up ads containing malware.


Please contact me if you need further info. 

David L.