After i made some comparison against other rival car such as Ferrari, Mustang, Chevy, Lamborghini, BMW, Bentley, Ford and other car design i realised my XYBORX seems to be "less meat" or something that has the feeling of missing some guts on that car. In my mind these key word seems to circle around urging me to fill these void: "Harmony & Beefy". Yes the car seems to be "not beefy" and something wasn't right about the shape and body curve all around. Then i notice something looked different all along which i should have notice earlier since last few years ago. The car itself lack of curve. Looking back at old car NEMIXIS that old timer does look good because it has solid beefy curve. After 5 days of wondering about solving the problem finally i've dismantel the first part that needs to work out the problem. The front wheel fender have been widen its width until the car cheeks looks beefy enough. The rear femder have been reshape from oval to curvy slider which its line almost too shape of the doorline along side. Later there's high probability that the roof and the bladed headlights/rearlights will be remodeled again. As seen on the picture above few first step changes have been made.