Ok its been holding too long hidden behind the development curtain, But still its very much in progress lately....really slow but it does kick some major ass woth daily changes!. As previewed above its not actually perfect yet, theres surface bumps, vert problems and spline alignment thing (what do you expect from an old Z-modeler tool). At least you can view how the XYBORX look like right now in polish metal. At this stage its known as "Surface baking" as in my layman terms where the reflective chrome enable me to detect unwanted surface allevation in the design. I really concern about how the body line work so this week really have to do lots of "Body Trimming". The car need to have true sexy body.

You can preview some at our (gallery here).

-As you can see overall the latest XYBORX body looks very much different than preview 2/3 weeks ago because some corners of the body have been smoothens, the driver cabin height have been lowered by 40%, The roof are almost "flat cut" like European classic/vintage style or something of Nissan R35 roof styling. Added also a transparent sun roof connected all the way to the hatchback windshield as if its integrated.

-Vents around the body have been enlarged or aero-ed. Behind the side door glass there is a vent that was enlarged towards inner hatch back compared to mini slot last time. The front radiator mouth and the rear mid vent have been grilled with "Scooped" type aerofoil blade which also can act as a mini down force spoiler. Another new things added to its major looks was a front hood "M" air scoop and a newly re-designed hood ("V" downforce surface) which scoop both air into the engine and act as frontal downforce spoiler. Unlike CONXERTO and XAVAGE, this car will have very much smooth blunt cutting in the middle of the body line.

-Another striking features added onto this car this month is the front and rear headlight design. The bladed blinds that trails along the side hood where the main headlights tunnel are was sliced and carved in with LED strips stacked horizontally and duplicated in blade all the way to the top of the steps. Same goes to the rear headlights. This feature making this car most unique design every built in history of car design. Not only for its looks but function as to draw in the air between the blade and into the hoods. So its a grilled headlights. As for the signal lights and reverse its integrated along. The tunnel just below the blade which was originally part of CONXERTO to XYBORX design migration that used to be place holder for main headlight is now replaced as a slander angry looking fog lights. If you looks closely it looks like an eye pupil with multiple mad looking eyelid.