Have you read the news about "VEXUVIUS CD 28.0 XL-TRC" & "WHIRL WIND"? Done? ok good. Now you know what's going on around here. Just like last time when we blog about MAXXIMUS development, once again we going to built another off-roader truck for WHIRL WIND project - the VEXUVIUS. I'm not going to display progress report on my blogspot but i'm going to put it in this website for easy viewing and tracking.


Today is the first day of VESUVIUS development and phase #1 of WHIRL WIND project. Ok, so today i start with designing and creating an off-road wheel sets that suits both Cross country type exploration and Rock crawling wheel sets for the new truck VEXUVIUS. The rims base came from MAXXIMUS stock rims but the tyres are rebuilt with new rock grippy threads more vertical patterns for two ways gripping both forward and reverse. (picture below). I don't have to worry about the size of the threads because VEXUVIUS wheel wells and fenders are much bigger than old standard XENO2 and MAXXIMUS because the void space are optimized for flexing.