**oh i'm sorry today progress is kinda slow because its New Year Day, don't worry tomorrow is going to be a blast with lots of progress. So this is what i had today.


Confusion, confusion... sounds easy to built an axle but i wonder if the size, scale and placement of these parts are exact located at proper location based on the geographical layout of actually chassis which i haven't built yet. So i need to create a target where these axle should be and length required. I'm planing to layour MAXXIMUS chassis above these parts to reposition it again. Noted that VEXUVIUS wheel base, length and size are actually much the same as MAXXIMUS. When we reached the chassis/body building phase we will bring our MAXXIMUS as base design. As shown in the picture i built half left side of the parts only so that i could duplicates/mirrored copies to the right which save me time.