As i expected development kind of slow in weekends; spent good times with friends and family outing, its good being out side the house and having good times fo a change. Hey, its New Year. Time for celebration.

Well after party, friend gathering and social activity its time to get back to the design screen. Well good news for me i've just completed building the main chassis, axle kit, suspension parts where crawling terrain mechanism is needed. I've using the "recyled UV MAP" technique to save up some space on 2048x2048 templates by using small portion/corner of the templates. I have to do lots of shading to hide some low poly flaws. The axle design is tricky because it has mixture of low and high poly to keep the 3d model it below 5Kilos of faces and vertices. High poly on visible direct view while the hidden and are kept low and extensive use of texturing. The final production of the chassis reminds me of TAMIYA CR01 out look. After this it should be easy for me to decide how the body design looks like since know i knew the position and layout of the base chasis shape.