I’ve reached to mapping the tyre thread and bead lock ring process.  As you can see my texturing and UV mapping technique is far different that standard modeler’s texturing and UV mapping protocol.  I usually use my “wire tracing” sketching rather than ray tracing style.   From there I pickup the shape of the threads, trace the wire frame, print screen, patch, basic edit to texture then UV map.


Once i get everything UV mapped I have rough view on how the threads looks like from the z-modeler view port.  The basic looks dead plain 3d surface because the texture are plain and doesn’t have the contour or “alive”.  No problem, it time to use my “SupermotoXL Design” secret texturing recipe.  As you can see from the picture (picture attached)  you will notice how I transform the plain texture into more lively original looks of the tyre thread after few  phase of photoshop the wheels templates using several plugin filter to create unique surface pattern.  After this and that Taaddaaa! Prestoo!!  The tire looks superbly “alive”.


Also check out how I smoothens  the bead lock ring texture without any aid of special lighting effect.  Because the ring is just on top of the wheel spider flange I have to apply shadow around the perimeter to make it looks “artificially” shadow  cast by the ring itself..