Well since this is a concept truck I don’t have to follow the actual looks of a real life truck hub lock mechanism. I simple duplicate the outer bead lock ring nut, enlarged “XY” it and reposition to the center of the wheel.. Just shift to a new texture and reshadow it according to where the sunlight reflect into the wheels. Truck at this size must have atleast 6 bolts to lock in the wheel to the spindle. Haha.. that was simple work for today. Oh yeah I add extra details: air pump valve on outer rims perimeter for more detailed looks. There done! We just finish building wheelsets for VEXUVIUS. **cough** **cough** 18497 vertices 13868 face…that’s a GPU/CPU overkill..we’ll deal with that next time under the “GPU/CPU vs 3d mesh utilization process” during final compilation. So stay tuned.

Next session I will build a simple straight axle, steering knuckle and disc caliper kit…