news_project_2010_1Its been almost 6 years since the last fragment of project remain abandoned due to lack of inspiration and experience. Two object :truck and track doesn’t seems to coexist harmonically in my creation which is why project Whirl Wind doesn’t take off after last beta test in 2004 goes down the junk pile (too laggy, max object count and lots of mesh glitches) …the track design layout which include elevation details was tender to RPG game developer.

Only after 6 years later formulas to revive the old stale project re-emerge thanks to experience obtain from my third hobby that was inspired from radio control activity: rock crawling. With matching vehicle’s crawling physics and exact ingame environment for crawler activity its about time I have to continue where I left with about 70% of collected resources accumulated from the past. I’m going to built a Rock Crawler world via “Whirl Wind” project.


The project includes two essential modules: the truck and the track:

(Stage 1) The truck will be a rock crawler specification by 70%, but it will also inherit Dakar rally race truck characteristic in more Conceptual Design. The model name will be “VEXUVIUS CD 28.0 Xl-HTC” using base model from both “MAXXIMUS” and “XAVAGE”. Its development will be blogged/reported often in this website.


(Stage 2) The track “WHIRL WIND” will be recycled back and thankfully theres around 70% resources such as ground object, sky and animation still usable. Only need to modified the terrains for crawling path, texturization and shifting rocks and vegetation object.


The project already commence right now starting with the “VEXUVIUS” truck development under Concept & Development page where you can watch and see daily report on development progress. So don't missed it.