news dev sandmaster 3

I was on my way to visit my favorite local hobby shop today own by my friend.  Was there to help taking picture of 1/10 KYOSHO Sand Master buggy so i can pass along the photo to my relative who probably wanted to buy the buggies.  At USD$120 bucks for a used 2WD was too much for my pocket but i really lnews dev sandmaster 2ike the scale looks of it.  After lots of pondering around i think i will have my way around it if i can't own a real one by 3d modeling it and put it into my good old favorite off-road simulator: 4x4 EVO2.  I haven't been into making running models for simulator for years where my last was archived in 2010..was that was long time ago!  My old off-road sim fan must be angry by now since i've been steered off from the grid into flying stuff. 

So to console all my fans its time for me to bring some driving surprise back to off-road simulator.  I'm going to builnews dev sandmaster 4d replica for free download to excite both R/C model world and my fans at 4x4evo.  Its time to flex my mouse 3D game development muscle and spark the old me.  The models will be low in polygon (not too low) since i'm currently no longer running my dev stuff on gaming spec rig, i only had my crappy lappy run on dual 1.6ghz AMD and Radeon 6320. But i can assure you the models will look fantastic just like the was SupermotoXL Design was.  Hey i love 3d, i love R/C, i love off-road simulator and this is all i could afford to give.  So give me a week for me to build the ride and you'll have a sand blaster. Look out for my incoming tweets about this development. Cheers.