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Simplest way to add more graphic, decals and details to your model's skin texture using standard paint tools.


Tools to be used in tutorial:

  • Paint program:  Corel Photo Paint or Adobe Photoshop or other basic paint program.

updated :  2/2/2003
Add more details using resizing texture
What is resizing texture mean?  - Change the your texture size/pixel eg: from 256x256 texture size to 512x512 pixel or to any size large or small and vice versa.
  • The idea is to increase the size of your base texture to larger size so that you can add more decals, sticker and details to your texture and then resize it back to the original texture size so that it can be used in the game.  Kinda like; "Its easy to write on large piece of paper rather than on smaller piece of paper that may cramp spaces".
  • More space to paint or add decal on to your texture
  • The advantages of using this method:  your add-in decals, sticker or paintjob will have smooth looks (anti-aliasing effect, reduce jaggy lines) as it resize from large to small pixel size along with its based texture parallel with each other.

Step by step instruction, get your paint program ready :

  • Open sample of texture eg: *.TGA, *.BMP or other image format.  If you open a car/truck texture you'll notice the texture size is too small to be edited or add in decals, sticker and details onto your texture (default car/truck texture size 512x512 or 256256 pixel).
  • Lets resize (resizing method) the image so that its big enough to add-in all those graphic goodies.  Lets say we resize the 512x512 pixel to 700x700 pixel but please don't over size it else you'll lose the original texture quality.  Resize it until its big enough to fit in all those graphic details you need to add in.
  • After resizing to larger size, apply/add all those graphic goodies and paint job you want onto the texture.
  • Done?, now its time for you to resize your car/truck skin texture back to the original size eg: from 700x700 to 512x512 or 256x256 pixel size.
  • Finish? good! you'll notice that the graphic that you apply/add into your texture looks smooth, have less jaggy lines and also have an  increase amount of details and stuff in such small cramp spaces between each other in your new edited texture. Enjoy.

Good Luck!