Downloaded custom UI?  Know hot to install into your favorite 4x4evo 2 game?


Tools to be used in tutorial:

  • Paint program:  Corel Photo Paint or Adobe Photoshop
  • Pod tools: PODTool.exe or 4x4evoUnPOD.exe

updated :  27/2/2007


Install downloaded UI theme.

So, get bored with old background picture of your 4x4evo2 game menu?  Do you want to change to suit you taste,  get down with our tutorial and see how you can make your DIY background screen

  • **Please download "SupermotoXL's UI patch kit for 4x4evo 2" and install in into your 4x4evo 2 game before proceed to mod the UI background.  Go to UI Pack page to download.
  • Make sure you have some basic on how to POD and UNPOD the file, also must have knowledge how o use some photo/paint tools.
  1. [In your game folder]:  First you need to unpod/extract UI.pod file that was located under your 4x4evo2 game folder.  Unpod it using PODTOOLS or WinPOD.  Get more tools at our Tools download section at our website.
  2. After you unpod/extract the UI.pod file  you'll get few folder extracted.  Look out for "ART" folder.  Go inside the "ART" folder.
  3. [Downloaded ZIP file]:  Did you downloaded zipped version of UI theme from our UI Pack page?  If you did download then extract the zip file.  After extraction look out for filename "BG_MAIN.TIF".  Copy this file.
  4. Then get back to the place where you extracted/unpoded UI.POD file.  Paste the "BG_MAIN.TIF" file inside the ART folder and overwrite the old existing "BG_MAIN.TIF" file.
  5. Then POD the whole file back to UI.POD and then place back the POD file into the game folder.
  6. Run the game and see if  your custom made background works.
  7. Works? good! if not get back to step 1 and check what you have missed.

Good Luck!