The previous CONXERTO's Atomix SX6-XL still the best wheel around because it looks simple, unique and as sharp the car body design.  I guess there no further explanation why i should recycle back for use on XYBORX because its similar attributes.  I did took another 2 hours to construct a new wheel but nothing looks matching as these original wheel.  For XYBORX use i did made some changes to the wheels:

  • Wheel cone depth push in to make the outer looks thin and conically hallow
  • Rods of tension biller added on the outer perimeter, 3 rods on each side of the rim flange. (3 billets x 6)
  • 15% increase on inwards off-set to the wheel flanges and hub.

The new renovated wheel is called: "Atomix RX6-XL"  (Replace "S" to "R" as indicate "RENOVATED/REFURBISH")

As shown on the picture above the blue highlighted wheel is "Atomix RX6-XL" for use on XYBORX while on the right is the original "Atomix SX6-XL".