So this is it, looks like we've reached the end of the VEXUVIUS main development phase (externally).  Finally we get to see the actual looks of this mad off-roader.  1 hour of QC work checking every sides and details on the model to ensure nothing looks defected, texture error, faulty 3d meshes.  Only 2% i've detected have surplus double layered meshes marked with thick color than other highlighted region and success fully remove by deleting it face vert by face vert.  Adding round meshes below the wheel tip as a platform stage and UV mapped a mocked shadow casting finally we got a cool presentation of VEXUVIUS on the screen via ATI rendering engine. Note:  ATI not a good card since i can see their Anti-Aliasing technology still produced jagged lines.  I could have bought a new Nvidia cards but they don't market an AGP slot for my almost 10 year old abacus.