After months of development on VEXUVIUS finally reached its its completion phase, leaving with small adjustment to 3d meshes, texture and internal cockpit works it should be available on the month of may on my birthday.  VEXUVIUS will offspring  several variant including XPLORER series, RALLY edition and ROCK-CRAWLER edition where each models are physically upgraded with 3d mods suits its current status.  VEXUVIUS marks milestone in advancement  in off-road design based evolution from its parental origin the "MAXXIMUS HT".    Its quality also very much equal to its successful most hyped design the NEMIXIS because it share same render technique and chroming works.  Most importantly is VEXUVIUS successfully carry on SupermotoXL trademarks and signature which have embedded  from NEMIXIS base model up till XAVAGE with its unique "X" as in "XL" signature on its body.

From now onwards VEXUVIUS development report will remain at dim from the public until its full release on my birthday.  The internal cockpit, hatch back acessories, off-road kits will be built off the record away from our usual development blog.  The development log this week will be occupied by RS1 DEXIRE/CONXEPT development report.  So till then VEXUVIUS further secret will remain as a surprise to keep fans under curious modes.