I've upload MAXXIMUS body into the VEXUVIUS work scene as it intersect with each other body to compare how far my design goes.  Because MAXXIMUS have true off-road truck design identity i would like to make reference work to see if VEXUVIUS truck dimension stays in "truck design" dimension.  The MAXXIMUS body meshes indicated in highlighted "BLUE" in color. The front dimension works well with 5% longer and at acceptable "truck" design dimension range.  However i was worried that the rear length for VEXUVIUS wasn't enough to be called "truck" specification since it should built to have open truck bed with removable canopy.  Its too short to be called truck.  MAXXIMUS have standard truck length since you can see the highlighted blue meshes protrude longer outwards to the back.   I have to stretch the length to match MAXXIMUS truck standard.