In Whirl Wind version 3 the overall track layout is very much smaller and dense compared to the original one built 6 years ago.  First Whirl Wind track was designed for cross country races and sight touring which overall terrain have low amplitude altitude and less challenging for off-roading models.  With the advant of rock crawling evolution and north shore style riding i've manage to layout some work and terrains suit best for slow mover and high torque off-road vehicles.  Lots of hills, valleys, narrow path, high rise balancing act and challeging driving giving hours of fun and skill thriller to drive on these soon to be dense populated track.  That is why VEXUVIUS TRC was built in first hand before the track.  I got me a VRC usb kit and JAGUAR TP2 FM controller ready by my side for virtual R/C style rock crawling via VEXUVIUS once the track done in no time.  WHIRL WIND V3 will feature highly detailed ground objects, rocks and dynamic animated environment higher than 4x4 EVO2 current gameplay and experience standard.   Development progress will be logged as usual on this side so you can tune in whats happening and whats up behind the desk.