If you look at the naming convention for every models that i built for example "X3-SIXTY CD 14.0 XL-XRS", each section of the words partinioned into several section which makes up the model’s name.


Models name: “ "



Definitions as shown below


: Name of the models.


: Status of design/product in its current state mentioned as follows:

● CD -Concept Design

● RP -Running Prototype

● RPM -Production Models

● RM -Replica Modification

● RMX -Replica Modification (X)Of Unknown

● RI -Replica Innovation

● SRM -Special Request Model



: Models number based on total sequential development from first to last variant built.


.variant number> : Sub number indicating the variant of this model. Original model number before other variant are indicated as “.0”


: The original creator/author short signature


-variant type> : The model variant type, usually indication level of improvement over stock/original form usually describe in short alphabetical name for examples: XRS = (Xross Racing Spec), XGT = (Xross Gran Touring), ATX = (All Terrain Xtremities) and others.



However older models that’s doesn’t build based on original SupermotoXL’s design blue print does not carry such naming convention but applied as normal model naming adopted normally on any automobile name used by common vehicle manufacturer.