Rear buttocks designs higher as high as cockpit roof, rear width bigger than the front.  Longer rear end ? What up with that?  It looks like spaceship or something.  (Whyte, from Calf.)

Ok it seems almost all my designs have the above attributes started with CYBORX, MEMIXIS, X3-SIXTY, XAVAGE and others which all of them are Mid rear mounted engine.

The fact which contributes such design are:

  • Inline 12 engine.  Huge and long which produce high torque require more inline piston which force the rear chassis to be longer to accommodate such space.
  • The width consumed by internal ventilation and radiator components placed just above the wheels where the vent infront of the wheel wells suck in and create cool turbulence and require bigger space for the air to dissipate through the grills and force the heat to go out from huge rear heat exhaust port.
  • Sexy factor… know what I mean.  And inspiration from old Lamborghini Countach.
  • More downforce surface above the rear panel to channel the air through artificial spoiler within the bodyworks itsels.   That why NEMIXIS, X3-SIXTY, XAVAGE and the next generation of rear mid mount engine have top hood sculpted to ramp-in and out the air on the surface like water slide. The more bigger the surface the more air it can slide through to create spoiler effect.
  • As for the rear almost as high as the cockpit roof, its meant to get better angle to catch the air from the rear rather than receiver gush of broken wind that was  broken by front cockpit windshield and roof.   That’s why some people put spoiler high above the roof..especially street importz. But in my design I’m not that dumb to create such fag looks instead keep the aero looks good and natural in design.
  • Accommodate bigger wheels off-set for more traction.
  • The “V” or “A” bodyline factor for aerodynamic purpose.
  • Feeling Italian already?

Ever wonder why drag car’s rear butt bigger  than the frontal nose?  I guess you got the idea right?  Ladies and gentlemen its all aerodynamic.