news_maintenance_iconHello and welcome back again, it been almost a month after i shut few website including the mirrored site due to website migration and upgrades to higher level of content management and control. From now on user may able to access to our improved website, more back stage contents, special resources and interactive interface for fans and modelers.

However the upgraded website much in beta stage because there more section content needed to fill in and old resources in our inventory have to be re-input back and uploaded. So hope you can sit back and watch us doing our thing.

The good news is some old contents, files and resources still available here much the same content which came from my old website. Plus i open special section such as "Technology/Concept" + "Galleries" + "Special Downloads (QRCodes)" and other coming next which reveal many back stage designs and conceptual works in production which previously hidden in the dark.  Registered user may able to access privilege resources, personalized account and post their own photos in our gallery.  Much more to comes after we keep upgrades our site stage by stage.

Notes: Since we just migrated to new server you may experience temporal slow bandwidth when accessing these website for few weeks because we still have to do some test and tuning to the web contents.  If we have enough funds we'll try upgrade to higher bandwidth.  If you have any problem or query please do place your comments in our Shoutbox, blog or PM me via your registered profile in this website.  Thanks.