Only just a few weeks after the release of VEXUVIUS i hereby would like to announce that our new model design "CONXERTO ED 30.0 XL-RS1" will roll out soon probably end of this month of mid July if there no obstacles to its release else it could be a minimal delays as usual. The new models may looks familiar in its shadowy form because it uses similar baseline and dimension design from XAVAGE by 30% of overall outlook, you will also be surprise it also carry similarity to the newly release VEXUVIUS. If you would like to know more about "CONXERTO" i've posted part by part article at the Latest Concept & Development page section where most article are blogged in. The new models shown are very much naked version of "CONCERTO" were the first article will show wireframe meshes, but as the article progress it will reveal its true appearance each day....hence i wouldn't like to spoil the show by just pop up the finished production of CONXERTO yet. So i'll keep your heart pounding by sending bits of information/article each day in this website so keep tune in into my website for updates.