With all the hype on latest new model of so called dubbed number "30" now i shall revealed shadowy preview of "CONXERTO ED 30.0 XL-RS1". As shown in comparison screenshots of CONXERTO against XAVAGE in wireframe form revealed much outline physical view screenshots of previous development in alpha stage. As seen from wireframe view it is clear that CONXERTO is an evolution between fusion between XAVAGE frontal design and VEXUVIUS rear design, these formation then remolded into more aerodynamic outline, smoother and sleek looking exotic supercar.

"CONXERTO" got its name definition from the word CONCERTO which means a solo musical instrument against a group of orchestra, thus the solo will play the tune while other follow the lead. CONCERTO also means "Against" or "Competition".....One against all in latin meaning. This name imply the same meaning to "CONXERTO ED 30.0 XL-RS1" where a singular generation of design represents all the design characteristic from a group of our old and new generation such as EXODUS to the latest VEXUVIUS.

"One will play the tune where others shall follow"

"CONXERTO" new design aim to show much evolution of decendants from 1 design to another and linked the back to the predecessor at the same time show changes of design trends parallel to time.

The side panel where both outline cut between XAVAGE and VEXUVIUS are redesigned and sculpted into huge and venty looking car which almost resembles oversive Harrier VTOL jump jet aircraft turbine intake. These are the FISH GILLS of CONXERTO. Theoratically as shown theres are 3 type of ventilation on the left and right side of the body that have a "C" verntilation effect, "wind goes out" & "wind goes in". Behind the front wheels there 1 vent, behinds the doors panel there 2 vents (1 upper & 1 lower just infront of rear wheel hull).

The original base dimension remains the same as XAVAGE but in terms of aerodynamic design both are 85% far different apart. For example when you look side view on both car XAVAGE and CONXERTO you will notice XAVAGE aero like design outline optimal for down force effect from front nose to the rear which required minimal support from wing spoiler acessories as the top body surface already in much angular enough to act as spoiler. XAVAGE body countour design are called "Wind Breaker" or other known as "Turbulance Design" because it breaks the headwind air flow.

CONXERTO however are very much soapy like body outline except for the frontal where only the front nose area seem to works as down force feature, after passing the cocpit towards, there's not much down force effect can be applied to the upper body surface because its curved downwards like a Buggati Veyron backs or much like Porsche or 350z car. However much of the rear downforce comes from lower portion of the body where the gills like ventilation ramp scoop up wind from below the door and slide toward the upper body through sloppy down up vent ramp. This low air ramp designed so that thw wind slide up to provide low CG (center gravity) downforce effect giving better grip to the rear wheel rather than receive down preasure than the upper body spoiler support. The large vent provide 100% cooling efficiency to the engine, air hydraulic mechanism and air generator which drive the car and save fuel. CONXERTO body contour design is called "Force Vortex" or simply known as "Air Scooper Design" where headwind air flow force into a ventilation tunnel and from there generate internal low CG downforce.

So that's it for PART 2 of the story about our new design, check out for PART 2 for more details soon...

(sample of comparison screenshots shown below):