CONXERTO and XAVAGE share almost the same frontal feature except the headlights are direct tunnel beam design and 10% wider center air intake. The tubular front and rear light set give classical retro feeling to the car so that giving the meaning its feet not land to far away from the real world.  The decision to use XAVAGE like frontal is very simple,  the frontal design already evolve to perfect physical looks matching to my expectation.   Plus the lines curve have been "soften" a bit to please any eyes witness its presence.

At first i plan to re design the front hood to be very vent like any circuit GT car to maximise air flow factor into the cockpit but its just putting more complication to the looks and originallity of the car.  

In this last revise version on CONXERTO  there also a rear mini vent direct flow into the engine just after the wind pass the top roof and slide into the glassy vent.  I don't plan to put cat ear design to gulp the air because that would kill the overall aero dynamic looks, the car itself already have 6 active vents and 4 passive vents facing the rear and back front wheel fender.

As view from the front against XAVAGE for comparison, CONXERTO have a direct catch with the airflow through massive ventilation eared side panel while XAVAGE have none except it just break through and slide through surface spoiler.  Air need to rush in to cool and propel CONXERTO engine operation and uses gush of air as secondary source of kinetic power eg: turbo boost pressurering because CONXERTO uses Hybrid engine.

At the end of the production the car evolution seem to resemble familiar outline of common supercar shape especially since  it almost looked like a LAMBORGHINI MURCIELAGO if seen in various 360 angle.  I'm very surprise since the merging between XAVAGE and VEXUVIUS design layout seem to produce more mature real world like sport car, not to sharp, not too agressive, not rocket like design and just great for everyday cruise car.  At  the end this car still remains unique when compare to others because it has different architecture, different construction layout, different design philosophy, new discovery in ideas and road technology plus a few years ahead than any conventional and commercial supercars.

Ok so we finally see the overall final revision of CONXERTO design, on part 3 of the article later we'll take a peek how we materialised CONXERTO into "SOLID" state production where it will be given much ingredient to turn fictional car into reality: Normalised >> Chroming >> UV.   You should check out its new cool wheel too...i just came out with a new ideas for it.

See Part 3 soon.