Behold! the sleek beauty of untamed stallion in silver jewel coated armor.  For the first time i reveal CONXERTO ED 30 XL-RS1 true looks in its pre touch-up stage to the public.  As you can see even though it share the same genetic from XAVAGE and VEXUVIUS characteristic the surface design now looks more elegant, sexy lines and towards current design trends.  The car still remains in chromic silver gun metal color as inherited from any traditional color from SupermotoXL design labs.  As shown this is not its final looks yet but this is the stage where it is about to be UV captured in the modeler view port ready for detailing purposes and texturization process, took me 5 hours for fine tune the touch up equal to quality of NEMIXIS surface color.    In part 4, i will show you few new accessories design built specially for CONXERTO so stay tune.  Enjoy the screenshots:

See Part 4 soon.