Hey there!, welcome back.
Just look at the calendar we're almost 2 months away from stepping both feet into the year 2017,  as promised earlier of this year i've already presented you some great successful open source projects and some amazing adventure to sharenews_18oct2016_10 for the current year 2016 (as seen in our gallery and youtube channel).  Moving forward for progress and testing the limit of what our hobby can offer i've already try my best to give you maximum amount of free information to accomplished the impossible especially in the area of building mini/micro UAV and robotics (autonomous) flight while keeping the budget lower and affordable solution for the model flying and drone community.  FPV have been great this year especially expanding my project to ground based models.  My 'to do' list for this year almost filled but with few misses on other project such as 3D designs and printing because time are limited...but i'm sure i could completed it in time.   As you've read before in this website there are lots of review on R/C models especially on off-roader this year and few on FPV gadgets.  This weeks i've been contacted by some of vendors and manufacturer to let me hand pick some of their hobby models and FPV products to be review and tested this month, so will be quite handful of articles and video coming up next, so do stay tuned for surprises.


I'll let some spoiler out as shown in the list down here, some hints of what to come before we ended the 2016 season:

  • Upcoming review and projects: 2x new fixed wings, delta and tailed pusher type (Oct 2016)
  • Upcoming reviews:  BNF Micro FPV quad racers (Oct 2016)
  • Upcoming reviews:  Micro FPV gadgets (Oct 2016)
  • 3D printing model (expected on Nov 2016)
  • Automotive 3D designs (4x4 EVO anniversary)


The above list are some confirm stuff to be worked on and soon publish on this website and other social media channel.  Also other than the latest mini UAV  Z-84 i've already work on there is also will be one more last but not least an APM project on micro size plane..not delta but tailed version fixed wing soon to be autonomous UAV project for end season of 2016.


Videos on previous projects:

Honestly speaking i'm quite happy with my current hobby for the year 2016, had many successful mind blowing flying project and also my hangar or you can say my  ultimate 'Man Cave' have been expanding and growing to its maximum capacity with all great collectibles of hobby models populating my shelf ready for some more great action anytime.   We'll see you again on my next hobby adventures.  If you want instant updates don't forget to subscrive my Twitter and Youtube channel.  Cheers.

David L.