After 3 months of testing since the start of new year, as today i officially close the Beta Testing task on our soon to be new "Version 5" of "SupermotoXL Design" website that will be launched shortly this mid year of 2011. 15 members who won privilege access to our V5 website via "2010 Treasure Hunt" that became our beta tester i would like to say many thanks for their participation for browser and functionality test.


The new web layout was designed to welcome the new seasons of "SupermotoXL Designs" with our new generation creation and philosophy behind our designs. Another good news, as by popular demand most models that was located in the Shop inventory will be available direct for download without the usage of points as soon as the website to be launch. The idea behind the new website layout is for simplicity, modern, clean looks and "broad minded" in creativity. Also the design inspired from MECHA HUD Interface.  Its a full screen layout that will take advantage on all the space in your screen. The new layout fits best both on computer and mobile application, fast loading, quick access and loaded with more social functionality.


Note the above screenshots are not finaly design yet but will be change if required. So once again i would like to say thanks to Beta Tester member who participate and gave lots of usefull opinion for our new website.

Hope to see you guys again during our launching of new season.