Good news! Mega excitement here at SupermotoXL Design as i have acquired a 3D printing technology for quite sometimes now ready to achieve 3D objectnews_img_3dp2 reality.  I put a huge investment on this machinery and hoping to start a solid production of my 3D designed models into a solid object.   Unlike most of 3D enthusiast around the internet who are aim to put their design for virtual gaming use i'm here to put my design into real world practicle use and soon maybe could commercialized my work.  For a table size 3D printing machine it sound like impossible to print a 1:1 scale car based on my previous design but i'm not going into that road yet but soon in the future if full scale size printing is possible.


My first 3D printing target will be productions of hobby and flying models parts especially for FPV system (First Person View) for my flight models.  Custom design models and parts geared for hobbyist will be available next month under SUPERMOTOXL branding.


So far have made several useful 3D printed products from my own design and already made a special section and product preview in this website.  Some *.STL file which is a special 3D format for direct 3D printing file are ready for public download.



The future is here! Its time to put my 3D design skills into object of reality.