I try to reduce number of frequent report about the project progress so that i could concentrate more on finishing XYBORX first than typing up some report which is why lately i only post once in 3 days or so. Currently i have some progress to report about which mostly positive ones, this include new re-design front hood and an increase amount of polycount meshes by almost two fold to smoothens and bulk up some corners of the body. The hood have this long beam of carve along the ven that meets its end at the emblem as intersection, the design looks like its trying to "shove" or scoop some wind on the mid surface because it love like a ravine "V" shaped surface. From my point of view it looks cooler than ever and as viewed directly from the front it looks like it resembles an "X" structure which is good for my so cal "XL" signature. The high polycount surface was part of the requirement to reshape the body eg: make the roof bulk, smoothens the body center lines, bulking the rear hatch and etc.