Have you ever stumble upon this problem for example your truck cockpit missing or your custom parts add-on into your truck went missing or disappear when you run in your "4x4 EVO2" game?  Find out more in this tutorial.


Tools to be used in tutorial:

updated :  11/10/2002


Parts disappear in 4x4 Evo2:  Solution.

Why it happen?. - it only happen when you combine all high poly (high amount of 3d vertices surface) into one 3D parts modules such as combine all object into one parts under parts naming "Cockpit" or "GlassE" or etc.

How do I know if my car/truck got excessive poly or vertices error? . - if your truck got parts problem or error about high poly/vertices these error will show up on your game screen:

  1. Particular truck parts with high concentration of poly/vertices will disappear or invisible in your game screen.
  2. "Vertices Error" will pop-up in your screen when you try to view the truck.

Solution. You can only do mass object combination for the use on EVO 1 version only. But in 4x4 EVO 2 you cannot do that because the EVO2 version cannot handle high concentration of poly/vertices under one parts/ module, so you'll have to chop off all truck parts into smaller pieces/ increments so that the the high poly can be broken to smaller pieces and distributed separately to CPU workload to animate the object in games.

Below are few sample of instruction attached with images on how to break few parts into smaller modules to reduce amount of poly/vertices used for each parts assigned to a truck for 4x4 Evo2.

  • BEFORE [Top image] The image above shows high poly/vertices parts combine as one module/parts under truck parts name "GlassE" as shown on the right corner of the screenshots in Z-modeler program.
  • We need to break up the parts into small module so that each individual parts have low concentration/ amount of poly/vertices so that it can be use in EVO2.
  • For example separate the shocks/struts from the truck frame and rename each parts as individual. [As shown below  image] .


  • AFTER [Top image] Once you finish separate the parts and rename each as individual parts (not combined as one) you'll get something like the above image.
  • It means each parts now have low concentration of  poly/vertices and can be easily run/animate by 4x4 evo2 game.


Done? Ok!

Good Luck!