Hey there, sorry having null news for days, just came back from holidays far away from the cities, it was just forest, cold weather, great fresh foods and huge family reunion, but unlucky with low internet signal with miles away from civilization which is why you get some tweets only. So lets get on with the latest report on XYBORX progress. Back on my grandparent house i had this thing humming in my mind about the size of the front wheel fender vs rear because they are not parallel in size on its peak. So when i get back home today i've increase the size of the rear fender peak so both rear and front shoulder of the car looks symetry or should i say balanced peak height. Then made a side mirror swiped up design pointy and sharp, a little slimmer then usual but looks more updated than the rest of previous design. The signal light should be on the side cone of the side mirror just like any modern car does.