Based on mutual interest between two parties to supply car for "SECOND LIFE"  (the famous online social virtual world developed by Linden Lab) its is hereby i would like to announce that EKIRA INDUSTRIES (from Second Life community) received green light/permission to export lines of my (David L.)  SUPERMOTOXL DESIGNS models for sale and use in "Second Life" community under "Ekira Industries" as exporters, modders and reseller.  This rights and agreement valid until further notice by SupermotoXL.  SupermotoXL (David L.) has rights to amend and changes any agreement should if necessary in the future. Members of EKIRA INDUSTRIES: "Ichyo Broome" and "Ermac" shall have permission to use, mods, sell, trade and profit from my (David L.) SupermotoXL models with agreed shares.   The SupermotoXL's car designs still remain copyright by David L. of SupermotoXL Designs and models "SupermotoXL" logo signature/branding.  Fans at SECOND LIFE community may now able to purchase and download SUPERMOTOXL DESIGNS automobiles via EKIRA INDUSTRIES releases.  If any third party interfere, legal report,  indoubt or would like to get more info about this please do not hesitate to contact us (David L.) by login to this site and PM us.  Thanks for your attention and happy driving.