You guys probably heard "Pits Racing" & "XL-Engineering" team back in the old 4x4 EVO1/EVO2 days (Trace back their custom racing car in my shop). 10 years later they are back, formerly known as group of online racing team making customization out of stock car models for online EVO racing. Currently in 2012 they have establish their own lines of customized models using stock models from my inventory and re-branding this new custom mods as "XL-RD Customs" and distribute custom made models for commercial purposes. Their workshop will cater most client with refurnished models from SupermotoXL Designs

Do take note that "XL-RD Customs" are separate company entity/runs on different management and licencing rights. Which means "X-RD Customs" have rights to sell, mods, refurnish, redesign and distribute commercially over the internet with agreement that SupermotoXL Designs received precentage and become third party to QC and audit the models before released to the public/clients. "XL-RD Customs" also prohibited to re-released any models in stock/default condition. It must be modded/refurnished/rebuilt to ensure it will not clash with SupermotoXL's products.

XL-RD Customs will be 'piggy back' its product preview in SupermotoXL website to let public knows the variation from the original stock design. Simply said the operation is more like TOYOTA re-branded into LEXUS or like WALD and TOMMY KAIRRA.

**Notice: Those who already hold commercial distribution rights on "SupermotoXL Designs" products 'DO NOT' have the same rights on "XL-RD Customs" because of different company entity and licencing. So do take note to avoid future complication.