After few weeks of legal discussion about "backyard agreement" things about my design i've given a green to let them do some commercial mods for redistribution. Their first mods is on 305 UHP, weeks later they pull out something neat and i must say i like it very much. Side multi railed/tabbed ventilation, front low fog lights on both vents, low rear skirtings, "viper eye" downforce spoiler, rear windshield blinds, semi oval rear headlights, two tonne body colors and sweet 3 spoke Bio-hazard style rims! Nicely show full exposed disc rotor which is very sexy. The new modded CONXERTO looks stunning from its original stock setup but it does took them 2 weeks to work on it than being planned for 4 days.

This car will be available via thrid party distributor under "XL-RD Customs" licence owned by Scott G. due to the fact mentioned earlier that "XL-RD Customs" are separate group of company working on SupermotoXL cars as mods with rights to commercial the products. So distribution are private based on early order from clients. Highly likely you will see this models on commercial games and simulator in the internet. However based on the backend agreement "SupermotoXL" emblem/logo on each model will remains until further notice.