Satisfaction, desire, passion, and inspiration... those are the element what make design such exotics. Designed on sketch in May 2005, fully constructed by Sept 2005 and finally released in April 2006 NEMIXIS prove to be the longest duration every produce model for virtual racing simulation (4x4evo1/2). Close inspection no doubt it has break away from common super car traditional design to a greater level.

NEMIXIS CD (Concept Design) 12.0 XL-GT is hybrid of street exotics and LEMANS 24 race car. Its wide body and LCG (low center gravity) design plus aerofoil body give NEMIXIS stability and grip on the racetrack. As usually the rear width is bigger than the front to provide aerodynamic handling and compensate the weight of the rear engine from side load during cornering.

My intention of creating NEMIXIS is to see what would my favorite super car would look like if i have power to build 'real one' into this world rather than sketch something using pencil and paper..something what my taste would be without having to 'renovate' somebody's ideas. Something original and different yet acceptable by current public trends and design. A year later she was born as Concept Design number 12. She was perfect in every angle, and love. Luxury aluminum and race dark carbon layer, slanted petal blade headlights and the 'X' trademark of SupermotoXL on the rear. The cockpit is 30% more spacious than any other racecar making it feel you're in the H2 Hummer because the width and the length of the car is more than average exotic's car.

NEMIXIS has average 96 thousand over high polygon structure. 5 times smoother than ever made. This helps to reduce the need of texture space to wrap those 3d models and save me some high resolution texture space on other parts of the models. Which means i let the game graphic engine to render the shaded surface for me rather than texture help. Texturing task was way different that they way i used to create for previous models. I use the "lighting positioning and screenshot". Using 'chrome rendering' on plain model i manage to screen capture the fresh layout of the texture from partially completed white meshes NEMIXIS via modeler view port which same me time to scratch made the models skins and best of all its naturally pre-rendered which make it more lively than other models i built before. Combine with dual layer "TEC-DEC" style texturing and off-setting the UV mapping to off-set the jagged texture i successfully minimized the low resolution texture effect on default 512x512 texture size per models. At the final stage of the NEMIXIS construction there are already 3 set of NEMIXIS available for various user.

1. High detail/resolution (2048x2048) with 3x section texture - for commercial use

2. Medium details/resolution (1024x1024) with 2x section texture - Limited request models

3. Low details/resolution (512x512) with 2x section texture + polygon cut back/deduction (for game compatibility) - for 4x4evo1/4x4evo2 and free modding group

Well there's a lot to talk about this car but there one thing that stand out the most: "sexy and radical whoop ass sport car". Sometimes if you can't afford to have exotic car you can always build one in your mind and put it into the blueprint. That what i always do. Really amazing to know that what ever you sketch a design on the paper and if you put some effort you can always make it into reality. Ahhhh....i can see a bright white door now...the blue morning sky and a bright star..

altChassis: Nemixis chassis divided into two sections: the outer shell and the main frame (skeleton). 80% outer shell made of light weight aluminum finishing (silver chrome color) and 20% made of composite carbon fiber (black noir color) to give lightweight feature and solid foundation enough to withstand pressurized down force pound by the wind drag as the car move fast and made friction with the wind resistance. The main frame is made from lightweight chromoly steel tubing to support majority of the parts including cockpit, engine, suspension system and misc.

Ventilation system: NEMIXIS has 4 main air vent/ramp to gulp massive amount of cool air into the chassis. 2x in front for channeling into front disc brake ventilation and 2x located on the rear just behind the door before the rear wheel to cool off both engines and rear braking system. Hot air will flow out from the rear flush port just below the 'X' beam chassis. The base of the car is a large drilled base plate to cover the entire bottom of the chassis. Each section nearby the wheel and the side of the base plate consists of holes that act as a mini spoiler for bottom air drafting and air tunneling in and out of the car.

Engine: Its engine 'XV12 - XLTCS2.12' is a massive block of inline V12 operate on pneumatic valve system. The engine blocks is CNC integrated with hollow tubes which circulate around the block to dissipate and cool down the engine. Hot water collected from the engine block will pump up to a huge horizontal intercooler where the water will sip inside the intercooler's thin fin to flush out the heat. The water will the flow back to the engine and the cycle will repeat again. There are two main intercooler. The left intercooler is solely for left partition of the engine block and the right intercooler belong to the right partition of the engine block. So cooling system on the engine will be handle by two intercooler via fair cooling distribution work thus reduce overheating at high rpm rev. Two mini air port located above, behind the headlights beside the ‘X’ beam spoiler provide quick escape for heat dumping generated by the twin intercooler. The engine manifold is short, large diameter and straight forward to eliminate fume congestion. Rear suspension struts connected directly to stabilizer beam which is part of its chassis static structure to provide rigid control.

Brake system: (Disc Brake model: DB-X8) Uses 18"inch ventilated drilled disc rotor on all wheel. Front uses single disc rotor while rear fitted with dual disc rotor to provide more area for brake caliper gripping chances because the rear are much heavy in stopping inertia (rear engine weight). The brake calipers are built in 8 pistons with 4x2 on each side for extreme and immediate braking which suitable to be used with 23'in wheel and massive width length. Every caliper accompanied with enclosed housing behind the rotor which have ventilated front opening to scoop in the cold air and redirect it into the disc rotor to cool off the braking event and decrease time it take to halt the wheels.

Lighting system: Front - 2x HID lights + 1signal lights per-side. Rear - Uses High Definition LED lights cased in circular housing. The rear headlights design is based on race car classical dual ring configuration and very simple in design.

Wheels: Throughout the development NEMIXIS originally have total of 3 wheel designs. The first wheel have 6 spokes, 5 bolts, and sized 20"inch built in 2nd Feb 2005. The second model (as shown in wallpapers section) are 12 flange, 6 bolts and 22"inch GTR style wheel sets (Helios NM24-XL) was released on 1 November 2005. Since the 'HELIOS' wheel set makes NEMIXIS looks like some test car on the race track i decided to make another wheel which would standout among the crowd as Urban Exotics status. So the third wheel design know as 'XETA GSE24-XL' was built with 6 solid CNC branched 'Y' flange, single bolting spindle and massive 24"inch wheel set surrounded with stress distribution rivet.

Body aerodynamics: NEMIXIS body style designed with a purpose. Each curve of the body serve various purposes in redirecting the air flow that slide through the body surfaces which can also act as a spoiler. As the car run fast on the road the resistant of the wind against the car increases which the slow the car down which then create surface friction which the pushes the car body downwards, increase tire contact with the ground and create gripping power which is a useful application for high speed cornering.

  • -Front nose: I'm sure you've seen a GT car with big rear spoiler and smaller fin on the front nose which act as a 'Down Force' wing to force the air bump into the wings to create air pressure and friction which then press the front tire downward to get more grip. NEMIXIS however uses the top part of the nose to scoop in huge amount of air gushing on top to create high pressure above it. To accurately scoop the air like a GT spoiler just above the front wheel, a long smooth deep groove between the hood and big bulging fender just above the head lights and pass through nearby side mirror was created to slide the air in 'V' configuration which pushes the air over the top and outwards near the side mirror. That’s why the front left and right top side of the wheel fender is very bulky. Think the nose as a big 'Air Shovel’ which scoop in the air and upload the weight.

  • -Top Rear: Most car uses detachable spoiler to create down force on the rear end. NEMIXIS however have protruded cross ‘V-X’ beam from its chassis shell that act as a natural spoiler. The “V” shape tunneling which have groove between the cockpit rear windows and protruded beam provide air channeling that gushes out below the mini wing spoiler to create pressurized air vortex when cruising at high speed. In short forcing the air and ‘trap’ it into the center wings and create heavy down force as the wind pass by the “V-X” structure.

  • -Side Wall: Just beside the door is a huge vent enough to scoop high volume of air which then cools down the engine, disc rear disc brake system, intercooler, manifolds and other critical parts. The vent have direct expose opening without any obstacles from the front chassis because the rear body is much wider than the front, you can see NEMIXIS has almost narrow front body and bigger rear like arrow head configuration. So the vent located near by the rear wheel hit the most air gulping area.

  • -Misc: The rear doesn’t need much aero dynamic designs, mostly concentrated how to place the exhaust port and heat diffuser port. That’s why mostly are straight vertical flat and edged style.

Money can buy love, can buy the world, can buy people ..but money cannot buy "talent, ideas & creativity" for themselves unless you're a robot. Think about it

Always share the passion and keep the spirit of designs alive.

General info | models: NEMIXIS CD 12.0 XL-XGT | platform: PC / Mac (e1) | version: 4x4 evo1 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 4.84MB (evo1) | date released: 9-4-2006

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