A month ago we saw Yellowish Silver Dream edition of exotic supercar..the "X3-SIXTY". Now it has return with another Silver Dream with more military like vehicle shape...feels like that too. Incomparison to previous off-roader built for similar purpose like "XENO2" built almost 4 years ago "MAXXIMUS" body shape are partially body edged and flat. The surface looks more like edgy folded brushed aluminum finishing and less contrast in term of chromatic attraction compared to 4 years old "XENO2". However "MAXXIMUS" flat and wide body makes it looks more muscular and rigid among all off-roader that i designed in previous days.

The SILVER DREAM edition for "MAXXIMUS" does not have any complex built and detailed parts on the outer surface of the chassis unlike its brother "XCALIBUR", "XENO" and "NEMIXIS". The body shell design was more bold plain, flat and very much concept like just like as seen in Car/truck Expo exhibition. This model have mild complexity and run safe on today PC spec because the polygon contruction is not as complex as NEMIXIS and have 3x lower poly count gentle enough from any CPU modern cpu with decent DX9 GPU based 3d card to run on 4x4evo2. During first phase building "MAXXMIMUS" it originally have extra 10,000 vertices/faces under the chassis and most concentrated on engine construction. After i do lots of thinking about impact on user CPU cycle consumption on normal PC i decided to use altmuch lower and lighter polycount models to be built on "MAXXIMUS". So i decided to use meshes from the previous model work; "XENO2" engine. With that it saved me 10,000 worth of polies shed off from the models itself and let the texture help out with the detailed complexity of the inner parts.

This year 2008 build for SILVER DREAM models was an easy task. Render, radiosity baked and texture filter. I didn't have much patch-up work to create alpha layer to fix the "holes" on shiny chromatic effect thanks to new wireframe UV-map i develop. It makes me lazy as years progress ahead.....hey good thing it saved me lots of useful time. Ok let see how much more SILVER DREAM models i can built in 2008 for 4x4evo2. I guess the *Bling factor does matter to some collectors out there. Enjoy the ride.

Please read the manual before using this vehicle and make sure you computer system meets all the standards and system requirements. Failing to read, understand and not fulfilling the requirements will results in unexpected error and undesirable effect.

General info | models: MAXXIMUS CD 16.2 XL-SE ATX | platform: PC / Mac (e2) | version: 4x4 evo2 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 5.53MB (evo2) | date released: 5-Mar-2008

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