Well i think its about time i would reward a "socially" active members who spark some life in our social section. I never been doing this reward thingy  for the last 10 years running the website so why not have a simple event to cherish those who come and make our day brighter in our community.  I have a spare box of new SONY WALKMAN portable mp3 player (NW-) which was a surplus gift after bought some hardwares so i decided to turn it as a give away award to our active member . This award goes to member who have been socially active in forum, chat and turn on the light in our dim lit community who've been there to spark our moment day and night.  Based on frequent login into forum,  article and post count submission it is clear that our winner is:

No other than from the land of koalas and kangaroo its:
HOLDEN (Mr. Johanness Willmer M)
from Australia.

He walk away with this brand new SONY WALKMAN 2GB portable mp3 player (model: NWZ-B152F)
also pre-loaded with some 4x4evo1/2 and SDK production range from 1999-2010.
Congratulation Johanness!!

For more information visit our topic in this url:


*note:  Holden was first sighted in 2008 as a chatter actively provide support, help and also a buddy to speak to when you getting bored at the chat box. He is now still active in the forum which responsible to keep the light lit on and let the community aware of activity and updates which interest both community and visitor in the internet.  Was active in beta testing our first CMS driven website and also a great companion when getting help to test out new models backstage.  He never give up in treasure hunts and always actively reporting any abnormalities in our community.  He may not be much of technical contributor nor does contribute much on products but he is truly a faithfully daily visitor and active resident of SupermotoXL/Community Hideout.
Cheers to HOLDEN.