I haven't decided to populate the island with ground object yet like grasses, trees, waterfall, houses and etc.   I took a week arranging the ramps up and lows to see if the 4x4 could run around without any difficulties on it.  2 hours a day driving on it was fun even with bold unpopulated track with no scenery to see.  To drive with 3rd person view is very tricky because you don't know what the front wheel is doing so i drive from the hood view to give a sense of wheel orientation.  Lots of steering twist to get out of sticky situation and sometimes tooks more than a minutes to move an inch.  I felt good driving on R/C proportional radio kit hooked to pc to control the vehicle movement  much better than any pc joystick or joypad around which give me a good driving experience on it.  It was great and really satisfied with new improve Whirl Wind track just as i predicted.  Its compact, more twisted turns on narrow patch, chaos control and ground gripping skilled driving.   Next article i will show you how i patch some rocks and cliff object around the island to make it looks realistic around the scene.  The size average will take around ir between 10 to 20 tiles pe-object to save up amount of object limit to place on the track.  I've been using up around 22 object now.