With a few days before the release finally i manage to get VEXUVIUS runs in 4x4 EVO2 environment after putting guts of codings into its "TRK" truck configuration sheet.  VEXUVIUS drives like a dream, not that fast buts enough joy to keep up with off-roading action.   It can "dig" deep shallow terrains and bail out from steep climb with no problem.  Slip traction keep to minimal and both left and right wheel grips at the same time on wally rocks and between big boulders.  The axle can flex within below 45 degree angle to get a good steep side climbing power. I configure the gear to have high rev torque power instead of speed so it will be very much like sunday ride pace...hey nobody honky behind you in the middle of the jungle right?   The suspension & dampers works well too to keep the upper body levelled.  I haven't tested the winch yet and didn't even installed it yet so this is only the first try out to test if the 4x4 well programmed on the terrain.   Stock models will have only 4 fog lights and spotless lens headlights.  There to rear brake lights because the light lens behind the headlight case will not illuminate as part of the coding rules in 4x4 EVO2.

The camera angle also seem to be located at very sweet spot behind the wheels where driver can view close in action both front and rear wheels as it usefull to see where the tyre will crawl and navigate through.  Overall the performance its just sweet enough to ride now but i must put it its in BETA status since lots of tweaking to the TRK sheet need to be done.