tb_img_rel_revox_whFirst i would like to say  "OOOPPSSss!!" for not having to release earlier when it was already been made last years ago....probably because i don't have the "kick" to move on to next level of 3d awesomeness or probably busy get carried away with other interesting activity. But anyway its better than nothing, so i've releases some wheelsets originally used by XYBORX:

Both wheels are now available in Z-modeler format (*.z3d) which user can directly open the file for open sources usage unlike the old EVO1/EVO2 (*.smf) files due to decline usage in the past gaming for EVO1/2.


The release of both wheel signal the initial stage of releasing the now cob webbed ready to dust "XYBORX" supercar which was long due because of delays in putting down the car specification and documentation for SDK package.  (Honestly i hate doing documentation work but since it part of official release i have to go through formal procedure).  Hopefully... (if i'm not hangging around too much at the club airfield) i hope i could manage to finish off typing the SDK documentation done by this week.