Here's the furnished version of CONXERTO ED 30.0 XL-RS1c only for testing purpose to be compiled in 4x4 EVOLUTION 2.   This is the expected physical appearance of CONXERTO in standard or stock edition as seen from outside.  However it is not yet a finalized version for public distribution since there some minor changes need to do to the interior because most of the interior cabin and engine share the same appearance and engine block as XAVAGE,  will see much changes to the seats, dashboards, engine models, cabin support structure such as bars and door panels.    CONXERTO comes in two variant, these are "RS1" and "GTX".   GTX is the racer version which include down force kit, GT wheels, venty headlight case, vented hoods, support cabin cage and wider body mass.  I will revealed it very soon.

During the process of manual rendering the output outlooks of CONXERTO physical model, it gave me a flash back of history where it all began.  CONXERTO have not been born if not for the existance of past design that pioneered the basic construction of all SupermotoXL Design line of car.  From EXODUS, CYBORX, NEMIXIS, X3 SIXTY to VEXUVIUS the very basic design have evolve through mixture of gene pool results in present design and onward towards the future.  For 10 years i thanks to an external force and support from the internet gaming and modeler community to keep me alive move my minds and create designs that always been outside the box years ahead of any designers born out there.  Check out for more history about CONXERTO soon....