news_xent_patch_whNote:  Patch only applicable to user who downloaded XENTURION CD 32 XL-SC "Si Lite Pack" Edition from treasure hunting events (running - Sept until Dec 2010).

X`I have uploaded a Z3D patch in *.zip file to fix all 8 unit of Rear specification wheel for XENTURION, the patch file accessible via support page through QR CODE url that was included inside your treasure hunt package's PDF manual.  These new wheels actual a physical fix to replace 50cm  (as in 1:1 scale) off-set stock wheel with 50% increase offset deep "V" configuration wheel flange and also added alpha chrome layer too.  The wheels patch is a requirement to make the XENTURION more trailer truck look a like styling.  The patch will also include 4 sets of rear axle and disc brake caliper replacement to to fit the wheels.   Use "MERGE" to import the file and merge into the 3d scene in your Z-modeler program.  Please delete the old rear wheel manualy.  The rear wheel texture however does not share the same file as the front wheel so don't mix them up since the rear wheel have its own TGA texture.  Enjoy.