Lets turn on the heat!!! After successful release of MAXXIMUS and ZEN month ago now i've just completed a new models design which represent more retro muscle styling to the car.....(almost looked like a CAMARO, ouch!!...Ok its a CAMARO slayer,lol) Introducing "EXAGE CD 20.0 XL-AM"! A muscle car with common out look of a classical big block with more modernised look and meany looks. Built a week later after the release of All terrain truck it took a month to settle the work. Work report and design log can be viewed from my blog at: if you want to see how it was built from scratch. Unlike like other car this one have much cleaner appearance which suits best for paint customization and theres enough blank space to play around with it, The interior very much like MAXXIMUS as results of object recycling works and still maintain high details looks with minimal texture space used. "EXAGE" models expected to be release in 6 variant which include themes from the popular GENERAL LEE -01 - "Duke of Hazard" and 911 POLICE edition (X3-SIXTY will also included in the list). I'm also will be working on flexible paint templates where fans can customized their own paint jobs provided with light and shading layer to maintain realism on the texture templates/skins. Right now i'm working to compile into usable package both in 4x4evo1/2 and SDK distribution pack. Keep watching for daily updates at my blog.