altThis is my dream setup for having similarities to an Radio Control Stadium truck because the built looks tougher and really meant serious racing attitude. You know sometimes i really want to have this one built in real life rather having a miniature size in a form of RC truck. Imagine having this one cruise on every Sunday down the country side or add so me bling on the wheels and cruise into the urban jungle. What a ride!...

General info | model: ZEN MAXXIMUS CD 17.1 XL-HT | original release plan: race simulation | original release genre: game | 3d tool: Z-modeler | texture tools: Corel Photopaint | original date release: 5-3-2008 | last Updated: --

Specification | production code: 29022008 | original format: Z3d (Z-modeler) | optional format: --- | avg face count: 101223 | avg vertices count: 95959 | (unit) x max texture size: (3x) 2048x2048 | (unit) x min texture size: (3x) 1024/512 | reflection texture size: (1x) 2048x2048 | optional parts: yes (showcase - *swing) | transparency parts: yes | reflection support: yes | showcase ready: yes | uncompress file size: 70.5 mb | recommended tools: Z-modeler v1.07 | model type: Monster truck | texture theme pack: included (2x)

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