altOur latest garage design for 4x4 evo. High quality texture design, complex 3d scenery, hi-tech industrial machinery, metal deck, tools, grilled ceiling, lighting devices and much more garage object are sure to make you drool. 100% pure concept design and 100% original, the one and only radical industrial garage in the motor simulation world. Enjoy.

General info | model: TD-XL Metal Rust .32 | platform: PC / Mac | version: 4x4 evo1 & evo2 | format: TecDecXL.POD | avg file size: 740KB(evo1), 779KB(evo2) | date release: 20-9-2002 | last Updated: -- | accessibility: Career Mode | model type: Home Garage

Click here for detailed view.. View | alt Download EVO1 version | alt Download EVO2 version