altIts been a long time i haven't invest my time on TEC-DEC. So this time i'm warming up my hand on simple creative ideas before i move on into next level of serious work. I designed a 4x4 evo garage which simulates actual mini plastics kits assembly on modelers desk. Every single blank parts surround the box simulate actual plastic mold scaled around 1:25 using CYBORX as reference model. Plastic wheels, body kits, parts, real rubber tire, graphite pen and real life model's box. From real life to digital world. Now you can own put together plastics miniature car in your screen. Enjoy.

General info | model: TD-XL Hobby Kit .47 | platform: PC / Mac | version: 4x4 evo1 & evo2 | format: TecDec47XL.pod | avg file size: 1,57MB(evo1), 1,62MB(evo2) | date release: 25-4-2005 | last Updated: -- | accessibility: Career Mode | model type: Home Garage

Click here for detailed view.. View | alt Download EVO1 version | alt Download EVO2 version