Despite having down with flu for 2 days until now however it doesn't deter my spirit to continue finish up XYBORX to higher level.  I've concentrated adding extra details and most importantly detached the object faces and Surface >> CALCULATE to normalized and smoothen the body.  After spending full time though dozen cups of herbal health drink, albums of mp3, morning till dawn without having to step out from the house, few tissue to wipe out snots from my flu finally my effort was well rewarded.

On 15th February 2011 at 9.30pm "XYBORX ED 32.0 XL-RL" (RED LINE) revealed its self in shadow white form of 3d meshes. The car looks extremely beautiful, bold and have tougher stance against previous models that ever built.


Among last minutes changes to the design as shown above includes:

  • Adding small rear cockpit ventilation (narrow slit with partitioned air ramp slot) behind the windows wall panel where the lower hatch back and side rear lights meet at the junction.
  • GT style down force spoiler

What's left to finish the work now is to create models of internal such as cockpit. engines and chasis components.   I hope my tomorrow and so on my flu will begone and restore my health to good condition.  *cough* time to take my medicine!.